I had the opportunity these last couple of weeks to visit the Dogwood Animal Shelter at 1075 Runabout Dr, Osage Beach MO and The Dogwood Animal Thrift Store on Bus Rte 5 in Camdenton, MO.  It was such a treat.  There are so many wonderful people that make this operation a success for the sweet animals they take in.  It is a no kill shelter and most of their funding comes from the Thrift Store.  The Thrift Store has so many quality items including artifacts and jewelry and art decor to name a few.  It is really worth your while to visit there! They also have a clinic available to anyone who can not afford treatment for their pets and chipping.

The Dogwood Animal Shelter here in Lake of the Ozarks on the border of Linn Creek and Osage Beach has top notch volunteers and staff.  They house and take care of dogs and cats, kittens and puppies.  The environment is clean and safe for these animals.  I was so impressed with the love shown to each and every critter resident they have.  Please, please contact them or visit and volunteer or better yet adopt one of these cuties!  Thank you to everyone there who showed me around so I could spread information of the shelter and thrift store!