How would you feel if your home sold within a couple of days? Puzzled and concerned that you priced it too low? Selling your home is a very emotional time, and having your home sell quickly may cause a bunch of questions in your mind. Would you feel better if it took 40-60 days to sell?

When you list your home in Lake Of The Ozarks for sale there is a reason why. It may be for a move up, a job transfer, sizing down, being closer to family or many other personal reasons.  When you meet with your realtor, you will discuss your motivations for selling, pricing your home by comparing the surrounding homes and marketing strategy. You will be able to look at the facts before you market your home.

Of course you want get the most you can for your home, however just because you sell your home quickly, does not mean it was priced too low.  In the market we have today, many buyers are out there waiting for the home that fits their needs to come along. So, if the right person sees it on the first day, that in no way means that you have priced your home too low.  It simply validates the fact that you and your agent priced your home just right, and you have done everything you needed to do to present your home well to that buyer out there. Seller's remorse is real, but try and remember that the goal is to sell your home, and selling quickly is a super positive outcome!